Healthy Thyroid Center

The Healthy Thyroid Center is a unique, individualized, and effective approach to thyroid health and healing. Clients in our 3-Month Healthy Thyroid Program have a clear Nutrition and Exercise Plan with Body-Mind Therapy that improves bodily function and facilitates powerful shifts in ability to make lasting health changes.

Look for our Workshop Series coming in January 2014!
Facilitated Self-Discovery + Body-Mind Therapy + Nutrition + Science =
Your AHA! Your achievement of long-term health!

If you suffer from chronic fatigue and pain, unexplained weight gain or loss, aching joints and muscles, brain fog, etc, HTC works with you to move from frustrating and even debilitating symptoms to success.
"Since coming to HTC being me got easier. My diet is healthy and tailored to my needs. In the process of making all the dietary and attitude shifts, going through my days became more and more about living my life. I'm a much happier person who can easily and willingly handle a great deal more that I could last year." - Sarah S., San Francisco
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